What to do when you inherit the family library of photos, videos, and documents? (Part 10)

This series comes full circle with this final blog on this topic.  We’ve talked about storing, organizing, digitalizing and how you can share these family items.  Now it’s time to talk about how these items will be passed on to someone else after you are gone.  You may have shared your digitalized copies with the family, but who will inherit the originals?  It’s important not only for your own piece of mind, but also saves any headaches or arguments with those who may deal with your estate when you pass.

Talk with family and determine who is interested in specific items.  If you are comfortable, with the idea of giving a person an item before you die then you should, but only when you are ready.  If you want to hold on to these items, then it would be wise to bequeath the item to them in your will.  This avoids any disagreement on who should get the item.

If no one in the family expresses an interest or does not want the items, then you should consider contacting a local library, genealogical or historical society where the family is from or the items are relevant to see if they would be interested in acquiring the items.  While the family might not be interested in keeping these items, the latter is a way for future generations who may be interested to find and enjoy them.

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