Why Hire A Genealogist? (Part 4)

Help with a brick wall

At some point, everyone who will hit what is called a brick wall in genealogy research.  A brick wall is simply a lack of available evidence to answer a question.  Even the best genealogists will encounter a brick wall and may need to hire another genealogist who specializes in a specific area (location, ethnicity, religion, etc…)

The frustration of not being able to find the answers to a genealogy question can be deflating to anyone.  The hardest part can sometimes be realizing that you need help.  A genealogist who is more experience in a specific area or topic can be a valuable person to hire.

They are usually familiar with the area or topic and will know if a document or evidence needed exists.  Even better, they are usually the most qualified person to obtain it.  Hiring a genealogist for this purpose may seem expensive, but when you consider the amount of time saved or that can be applied to other genealogy research, it is money well spent.