Why Hire A Genealogist? (Part 6)

Interpreting DNA results

As mentioned in several of my blogs, DNA has become an important tool in genealogy research.  Genealogists not only interpret the ethnicity breakdowns, but can also research your DNA matches to see how they fit into your family tree.  This can be very useful when dealing with adoptions issues or brick wall cases.

There are many factors to consider when taking a DNA test (Cost, DNA company, Autosomal vs. Y-DNA or Mitochondrial, Number of DNA tests in a company’s database, etc.)  Not all DNA tests are the same and the results can be overwhelming or confusing.  A genealogist can help you determine which is the best DNA or company to use for answering your genealogy questions.

A genealogist who specializes in DNA can identify overlooked clues buried in your DNA results.  Genealogists can also help organize your DNA matches and interpret your results so they are meaningful to your research goals.

Recently DNA testing has become easy and affordable.  Investing in a genealogist to accurately and correctly interpret your results can prove more valuable than the cost of the DNA test!  If you are new to DNA testing, unsure of the terminology or the having trouble understanding the reports and matches you are provided from your DNA test, consider hiring a genealogist.