Why Hire A Genealogist? (Part 7)

Finding adoptees/birth parents

Adoption can be both a beautiful gift and difficult decision for everyone involved.  What it usually does is raise questions or a longing of both the adoptee and birth family to learn more about the adoption and people involved. 

Genealogists are the key to help locate the people involved, tools and documentation to answer these questions.  A genealogist is a private detective, researcher, legal expert, DNA interpreter and much more.  With the rise of home DNA testing this has become the newest tool that has helped reunite lost connections in adoption.  A genealogist who is trained interpreting DNA results can also prove very helpful with this process when there is a lack of information or documentation about the adoption.

A word of caution if you plan to use a genealogist for this type of service.  A genealogist can help identify the individuals or families involved in an adoption, but they aren’t a psychologist or psychiatrist.  They should however, advice you of the mental and emotional implications this type of research and findings can cause.  Once this information is discovered – you can’t get the cat back in the bag.