Why Hire A Genealogist? (Part 8)

Know Your Ancestral Lands Before Taking That Trip!

A lot of people love to travel and sometimes a travel destination may include a trip to an ancestor’s town or village in the old country.  Many who take these trips have little or no information other than the name of the village.  Wouldn’t it be great to know more about this village or country?  Perhaps you still have a connection to this place?  Do you have distant relatives still living there?  How involved were your ancestors in the village affairs?

A genealogist can help!   Genealogists don’t just find people you are related to.  They are researchers, historians, geographers, and travel guide all in one.  A genealogist can put your family connection to this place into a full perspective.

Consulting with a genealogist before taking this trip can make your experience much more memorable.  Can you imagine yourself actually walking in the footsteps of your ancestors?  Just remember to talk with a genealogist before booking your trip.  At least 6-12 months before is recommended.  Even the best genealogists will need time to properly conduct research before you pack your bags for your trip.  A genealogist who is familiar with your destination should be able to tell you how long the research will take.  Every state, country and village has different records, requirements and timeframes for providing information.

Don’t just show up to your ancestral homes; learn about the history, sights and family connections to get the full experience!