Client Research

Research is customized with clients to answer their specific genealogy or family history questions.  We strive to help you find information - From developing a basic family tree to finding out if that family story is really true.

$35 per hour basic research fee

A basic research rate of $40 per hour will be effective for all new contracts after March 1, 2020.   New project based discounts will be posted after March 1, 2020.

Project Based Rates
10 research hour project - $340 (Regular price $350 - Savings of $10)
15 research hour project - $500 (Regular price $525 - Savings of $25)
20 research hour project - $665 (Regular price $700 - Savings of $35)

Note: Prices are for only research hours. Other costs incurred during the research may include, but are not limited to postage, travel and photocopies of documents and will be included in your contract. These expenses will be itemized and included with your invoice. During the initial consultation any anticipated costs will be discussed.

Contact us to see how we can help.

One-On-One Help

Just A Little Help - Where to Get Started

Are you someone just starting to research your family roots, but don’t know where to start? You want to do the research yourself and don’t want to have a genealogist do all the work? GenealogyChris can help get you started and let YOU make those family discoveries with a little help. Learn the basics of genealogy, while getting some guidance through setting goals, learning about where to find documents and the information they contain. GenealogyChris will also check-in on your progress to keep you motivated! Contact us for pricing options.

Guide for the New Jersey Archives

Do you want to visit the Archives, but don’t know where to start or how to look up records.  Take GenealogyChris with you to get started! GenealogyChris will help you determine what documents are available and go with you to the Archives. Spend the day at the NJ Archives with GenealogyChris and learn the ropes while making new family discoveries! Contact us for pricing options.

Get Those Family Pictures Scanned!

Do you have family pictures laying around that you always wanted to scan, but they never seem to? Do you have a scanner, but don’t know how to use it? Or just can’t figure out how to organize pictures, once they are scanned? GenealogyChris can help! - From setting up your scanner to organizing and sharing your photos with family. Learn techniques that will help ensure these photos are digitized in a great format. Contact us for pricing options.

Lectures and Workshops

Presentations designed for groups and organizations of all ages and sizes.  Please see our lectures and workshops page for programs we have to offer.  If you don't see a program that fits your needs or have questions about our lectures and workshops, contact us.

Gift Certificates

Does Dad really need another neck tie for Father’s Day?

What do I get Uncle Henry for Christmas this year?

Sound familiar?

Don’t know what to get someone for a birthday, holiday, or anniversary.  Gift certificates make great gifts!  Contact us for more information.

GenealogyChris's Blog

Check out GenealogyChris's blog for free genealogy information.  Our blog includes tips, resources, facts and opinions on a variety of genealogy topics.  There is something for everyone.  A new topic each month!