Can you help me find information on a particular relative or person?

This is a very common question that people just getting started in genealogy or family research ask.  It depends on what information you are looking for.  We will work with you to develop specific questions that have a good possibility of being answered with our resources, but keep in mind that a reputable genealogist cannot always guarantee specific results.  You may, however, discover information that sets your search on a completely different path... exciting!!

Can you help me breakdown a brick wall in my research?

At some point anyone performing family research or genealogy will hit what is called a "brick wall."  A brick wall is when they can’t seem to make any further progress answering a genealogy question, such as “Who are the parents of John Smith?”  We understand this frustration!  We can discuss how we may be able to help.

Why do I need a genealogist?  Can't I just use all the digitized records and services online?

There are tons of great online services and records related to genealogy, but all these services and records put together are not all of the records related to genealogy.  Some records, especially if they are obscure records may not be digitized or online.  If your research requires these records, we attempt to locate and obtain copies of these records for you.

Should I take a DNA test?

DNA can be useful in some cases of genealogy research.  It can estimate your ethic composition and also suggest possible relatives including how they may be related.  However, deciding whether to take a DNA test is a personal decision that only you can make after fully researching the benefits and disadvantages.

What are your rates?

Every project is different which affects the availability or amount of research and time needed.  Contact us to discuss your needs to more accurately determine a cost for our services.

How does the process work if I decide to use your services?

We will discuss your specific question to determine if we can assist you.  Sometimes this requires us to help you narrow or broaden the focus of your questions or interests.  We will then send you a proposal and contract detailing our customized services and rates.  Once the signed contract is returned with the specified deposit, the research will begin.  Upon completion of the research and any receipt of payment you will receive a report that includes: a research log, a description of the research process, copies of any documents identified or found, the analysis of the information found and suggested areas for additional or future research.

How long will the research take?

Client research depends on a number of factors.  We do our best to control all aspects of the project.  However, some aspects, such as obtaining documents related to genealogy from many different repositories, may take time that we have no control over.  Time estimates can be discussed with us, but are not guaranteed.  Please discuss any time restraints when you contact us for any research.

What talks and workshops do you offer for groups and organizations?

We offer a variety of lectures and workshops for organizations of all age groups.  Check out the lectures and workshops link to see the topic areas we have to offer.  If your organization needs a specific lecture topic or workshop, we can also customize a program to fulfill your needs.

If you didn’t see an answer to your question in the FAQs please contact us.