What to do when you inherit the family library of photos, videos, and documents? (Part 6)

The previous blogs in this series talked about organizing, preserving and scanning equipment.   So you’re ready to start scanning your family treasures?  Wait!  Before you start spending time scanning every treasure there are two techniques that will ensure these treasures are scanned in the best quality and easy to find.

First, know where the scanned files will be saved.  Knowing the location is great, but have this folder open and rename the file as soon as you scan it.  Most scanning software names a scanned filed using a generic name such as “Scan_001.jpg”.  Use a naming convention that works for you.  For example, include the name of the person/family including any corresponding dates.  Even better include the type of document in your filename.  You may scan your Aunt Annie’s death certificate and end up with a file name that looks like “Smith_Ann_DeathCert_1938.pdf”.  This blog’s picture illustrates how your folder may look with the renamed files.

After renaming these files don’t forget to move them into a folder or place on your computer based on whatever organization method works for you!

Second, always recommends scan in color for both pictures and documents.  Scanning in color provides better quality and will make a document easier to read on the screen.

Check out GenealogyChris’s blog next week for tips on digitalizing audio.