What to do when you inherit the family library of photos, videos, and documents? (Part 9)

The previous blogs in this series have broadly addressed the aspects of digitizing your inherited family treasures.  Whether you share the original or digitized items, it’s important that you make the items available to other family members.  Sharing these items can help you gain history or information about an item, while possibility sparking interest in your family research. 

Digitalizing items offer the best option to share these items with a large number of people.  It also ensures there are multiple copies in different locations for backup purposes.  The “cloud” makes distributing or access to these items even easier.  It’s a lot easier to send someone a link with permissions to the items in an email then it is to make a USB flash drive or CD/DVD.  The cloud also lets everyone have the latest update when you upload and add new files.

If you are really ambitious you can start a website or blog, where you post a picture, video or document.  Invite your family to ask questions, comment or share their stories about the item.  This is an easy way to gain more information and awareness about an item, while also documenting the family history.

Check out GenealogyChris’s blog next week for tips for ensuring these items have a home after you’re gone.