Christmas Cards

Do you still send Christmas cards to your family and friends?  Even if you didn’t the chances are you will receive a few in the US mail.  Sending Christmas cards is still popular and technology has helped make including personal photos on the card both easy and affordable.  Many families include multiple pictures of family members and sometimes their pets.  Some may use their house as a background. 

These Christmas cards represent a snapshot in time and can be valuable for genealogy research!  How many times did you wish you had a picture of an ancestor/relative or their house?  Even if the card doesn’t have a picture, the envelope can provide useful information.  Particularly the return address! 

If you toss these cards at the end of the season, consider scanning them (including the envelopes) to keep a digital copy with your family or genealogy records.  Saving these cards, may be a great discovery for a future genealogist in the family or give you a great walk down memory lane!