Happy New Year

As we prepare for 2020, it’s important to reflect on all your genealogy accomplishments in 2019.  Did you finally obtain that document you’ve been searching for?  Or, you’ve finally solved your genealogy puzzle (brick wall)?  Maybe your genealogy research never took off or stalled?

Genealogy discoveries through research rarely have a set time-frame.  Some answers are found with very little effort or may take decades to resolve.  More frustrating are the ones that are never resolved, no matter how much research is conducted.  The good news is it’s the beginning of a new year.  With the new year comes a new set of resolutions.  Will the start of 2020 be the time to dust off that stalled research or take another look at that brick wall?  Maybe, your research may benefit from another genealogist’s expertise or perspective?  What will be your 2020 genealogy resolutions?