Why Hire A Genealogist?

In this new series, we will talk about why you should consider hiring a professional genealogist. Professional genealogists provide many valuable and necessary services.

Often many people become interested in their genealogy when an elderly relative dies or inherits old documents, photos or heirlooms. Sometimes the interest is sparked from a school project or even casual talking with family about their experiences or your ancestors’ stories. Whatever your motivation or experience level a professional genealogist can help.

Check back every week for a new reason how a professional genealogist can help. The areas that will be discussed include:

Week 1: As a mentor
Week 2: Have an Interest in Genealogy, but Not the Time.
Week 3: Support or Disprove a Family Story.
Week 4: Help with a Brick Wall
Week 5: Applications to a Lineage Society or Dual Citizenship
Week 6: Interpreting DNA Results
Week 7: Finding an Adoptee/Birthparents
Week 8: Know Your Ancestral Lands Before Taking That Trip!
Week 9: Finding Family Still in the Old Country
Week 10: Support a Relationship for an Inheritance